Lightscape > Epic Studios Norwich > 6 April 2018


Coming from Norwich, Lightscape have been hard at work of late promoting their latest E.P Circles, which has garnered positive reviews. With it's harmonious guitar riffs, clean singing, and just a dash of synthesizers,  they have created a sound which is not only entirely melodic, but catchy too!

In the live setting, they have a clear, warm sound although I would have preferred a little more edge to the guitars and Will Overton on vocals has a powerful, engaging voice too.

Pics: Lee Harper

Our Time Is Now ©GTTG-LeeHarper 002.jpg
Our Time Is Now ©GTTG-LeeHarper 019.jpg
Our Time Is Now ©GTTG-LeeHarper 036.jpg
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Our Time Is Now ©GTTG-LeeHarper 026.jpg
Our Time Is Now ©GTTG-LeeHarper 015.jpg
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